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  • Established by real music industry professionals
  • We value quality over quantity – always

Music For Everybody

Producr is a company founded with the mission to create music that can connect with anybody, anywhere and on any platform. We want to free music from the shackles of complex copyright agreements and the board rooms of major record labels and give people access to world class music directly from the artists.

Producr’s Music Director and Co-Founder Alexander Wakim is an esteemed music producer with experience working with artists from all around the world and has worked in Melbourne, LA, Amsterdam and Dubai on multiple different music projects. With millions of plays online and a production repertoire that spans continents, Alex guides every project to completion. 

Premium Ghost Production

We are a team of people that believe in providing a truly premium ghost production service.  From the quality of our music to our customer service standards, we provide our customers a unique experience.  This means that every ghost production is handled with care and that if our customers are not satisfied with the result, they will receive a refund. 

In the past working with a ghost producer has been a difficult and complicated experience, we’re here to change that.  For that reason, we created a beautifully simple project submission system and have a fully transparent way of doing things.  Being an artist or performer is a combination of many different skills and talents.  We want to give you the upper hand and make sure your music is the best it can possibly be.

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ghost producer release trap city
ghost producer release galaxy
ghost producer release bread n butter
ghost producer release cloud nine
ghost producer release bourne
ghost producer release suit of bullets
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Future House

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