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What Are The Benefits of Being a Ghost Producer?

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There are a wide range of benefits of being a ghost producer. This includes complete independence, no requirement for record labels, managers, booking agents, social media presence, etc. It also means you do not need to worry about all of the legal implications of negotiating writing credit splits which we go into more detail about […]

Should I Become a Ghost Producer?

A career as a ghost producer has many benefits when compared to other career paths in the entertainment industry. As is mentioned in this blog post about the difficulties of success as an artist and the complications of writing credits, we explore some key reasons for that. The question of whether you should become a […]

How Much Money Do Ghost Producers Make?

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Ghost producers make anywhere from $100-10,000+ per track.  The amount they charge can be broken down into different categories depending on their experience, skillset and the calibre of their customer. Entry Level ($100-200) You’ll find this price looking websites such as Fiverr, Upwork and other online gig offering services. You may also find people offering […]

Is It Bad To Use A Ghost Producer?

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There are plenty of people online that have negative things to say about ghost producers. Some believe that there is a loss of artistic integrity when using others to produce your music.  We don’t believe this is true and here is why. The Biggest Artists Use Them, So Why Shouldn’t You? Almost all music released […]

What Does A Ghost Producer Do?

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The main function of a ghost producer is to create music for other artists for them to release as their own music.  Here we’ll explain the process of how this is done and what goes into a ghost production. Communicating With The Client And Understanding Their Needs Ghost producers will generally begin a project by […]