What is a Ghost Producer?

Find the answer to all your burning questions about ghost production

What is a ghost producer?

A ghost producer is an individual who writes and produces music for other artists which they then release with their own name and do not credit the ghost producer that created the music. You can read more about what a ghost producer is over here in our blog post.

Do I need a ghost producer?

If you are an artists or individual that is looking to progress their career with professionally made music than you are in the right place.  We can create custom, original tracks or work with you on some of your ideas that you haven’t been able to reach the perfect end product with. We work closely with our customers and make sure we have a continuous dialogue and include you during the production process so we create a production that suits your needs.

What does a ghost producer do?

The main function of a ghost producer is to create music for other people or artists for them to release as their own music.  They do this by receiving a client brief to understand their needs, produce music in digital audio workstations and then use the client’s feedback to perfect the end product.  The client will then receive a complete track of which they will own 100% of the copyright.  You can find out more about what ghost producers do in this blog post.

How much does a ghost produced track cost? 

Prices usually range from $300 up to $1000+ depending on the quality of the track and reputation of the producer. Tracks sold for less than $250 begin to enter the territory of being extremely template based and may contain loops/samples that are commonly heard. If you’re hoping to purchase a quality ghost production, you want to have $250-300 as a minimum starting point.

For other services such as album writing, co-production, advertisement tracks, multi-track productions we charge custom prices. You can get in touch with us at info@producr.com for more information on that.

Will I own the copyright?

Yes.  When you purchase a ghost production from Producr you own the copyright upon the payment of the track.  This means that you own 100% of the track.  You can stream the song, sell it, or do whatever you would like to with the track and generate money from the production.  We will not be entitled to any of the royalties or money you generate from the ghost produced song.  It’s yours to keep, forever.  No questions asked!

How do I become a ghost producer?

We’re always looking for new producers, please submit your track over here and our team will take a listen: https://producr.com/track-submission/

There are other opportunities online to sell ghost productions. Creating a network of producers and artists is a great place to start. Being a successful ghost producer is all about creating a good reputation and having satisfied customers that can connect you to new projects.

There are other ghost production websites that do hire ghost producers. These websites are usually looking for completely finished tracks to then sell to customers for a premium price of which they will then take a commission. There are also websites such as Fiverr, Upwork and other gig selling websites that can be a great place for ghost producers to start. These sites are usually expecting services for no more than $100, so this isn’t advised for experienced professionals.

Will the quality be good?

It’s always hard to trust the quality of online purchases regardless of the circumstances.  So we’ve done everything we can to make it easier for you.

We’ve hand-picked the producers we work with. Their quality is assured by our quality promise to you which is as simple as our satisfaction guarantee. The beauty of a ready-to-purchase system is that you can hear the tracks before purchasing them. There’s nothing to hide, the only difference you’ll find is that those tracks are watermarked with our Producr audio watermark for security purposes.

All of our projects are managed by our head of production Alexander Wakim who has produced music for over 15 years and has millions of plays online across multiple different genres and styles. You will have direct contact with him throughout your productions and out customer service is available via email and online chat.  The customer support average response time is within 24-48 hours.