How Much Money Do Ghost Producers Make?

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Ghost producers make anywhere from $100-10,000+ per track.  The amount they charge can be broken down into different categories depending on their experience, skillset and the calibre of their customer.

Entry Level ($100-200)

You’ll find this price looking websites such as Fiverr, Upwork and other online gig offering services. You may also find people offering these services selling them directly from social media. These are usually individuals who have minimal experience producing music but are able to create complete tracks.

The major benefit of these services is the price point.  If you’re looking for cheap ghost production, then this is the starting point.  These tracks will most likely not be accepted by record labels, Spotify playlists or music promotion services.  They can be good to use for things such as basic video and advertisement music such as radio ads or YouTube video intros and outros.

There is a lot of truth in the saying “You get what you pay for”, and this is no different.  You will usually find that people selling ghost productions at this price point will usually not be native or fluent English speakers and will have poor communication skills.  You are also at risk of not getting refunds for poor quality work and have little to no customer service.

Mid-Range ($200-450)

This is where the price for instant purchase, premade tracks begins.  You can buy these on sites such as,, and  These services take submissions by any artist online and then sell their work on their platform for a commission.  The artists usually receive around 60-70% of the sale price of the track leaving 30-40% of the payment for the website. 

Having instant purchase tracks can be a great option, especially if you’re in a rush.  It also means you can hear the music before paying any money and have a good idea of what you’re buying. It’s a quick process and is very simple from a buyer’s perspective.

The unfortunate truth of these tracks is that many of the songs are from artists who have not had success with their own music and have decided to sell it. If the tracks have been made for sale as ghost productions, then the artists are only receiving 60-70%.  This means the tracks have been produced to be worth $150-300 to the ghost producer.  As a result, you’re paying a mid-range price for what may be an entry level product. The tracks are also openly available to the public to listen to and people may have heard the songs on the platform and identify them as ghost productions. 

Professional Quality ($450-1000)

Once you start to reach the $450 mark you are reaching the professional ghost producers.  These are usually individuals who make a career of making music and have a history of record label releases and millions of plays online across multiple different releases.  This is where you will find ghost producers with excellent communication skills and established ghost production companies.

A huge benefit here is the quality of the custom-made ghost productions.  The ghost producers will generally send their clients a brief on what they are hoping to achieve in the production and then work with their client to achieve the end goal.  This means customers can actually be involved in the production and manage the project which creates a more legitimate end product.  Ghost producers at this price range can allocate more time towards working on your music as the bigger budget allows them to do that.  You can read more about what professional ghost producers do here.

The main negative here in comparison to the entry level and mid-range ghost productions is that it is more expensive.  But it is the opening price point for buying professionally made music that isn’t premade and sold for a commission to the masses.  You may also find situations where the ghost producer working on your track requests to retain some of the royalties for themselves.  But this is not the case on

Ghost Productions For Established Artists ($1,000-10,000+)

This price point is for artists that already have a high level of fame and are touring acts.  The high price tag does not necessarily reflect a high quality of ghost production.  The prices are much higher as the artist the music is made for can benefit more from these productions than a smaller, lesser known artist.  Such as if a ghost production is made for an artist like Alan Walker, who is famously known for using ghost producers.  As an established artist he can earn $5,000-10,000+ in the first week from streaming royalties and sync deals.

Generally, the artists these tracks are made for, their management team or record label will be involved in these ghost productions.  That means that the ghost producer will be working on conjunction with the artist.  This ensures that they will remain within the scope of the artists brand and suit the general audience of the artist as their fanbase has already been established.

These ghost productions can go on for a really long time as communication between management, A&R, singers and the artist can be complicated.  They also usually involve complicated percentage splits between each individual involved in the production.  This means utilising services of lawyers to organise contractual agreements and enforce them when need be.

Wondering if it’s bad to use a ghost producer?  You can read all about our opinion on the matter in other other blog post here.

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