Producr is committed to making sure our customers have a world class experience and are fully satisfied with their service. For that reason, we have created a refund policy that enables customers to purchase our service with the option to have your money refunded if you are not satisfied.

Producr uses Stripe as our method of payment processing. Stripe is one of the worlds highest regarded means of online payments and is the subsidiary company of PayPal. We do not receive any of your personal information or billing information. You can view Stripe’s policies here:

Money-Back Guarantee

Upon purchasing our service a 50% payment will be required before work can commence. Once the initial service has been delivered to the customer, including Original Productions, Mixing/Mastering and/or Remixing, the customer will have the option to make changes to the delivered work, complete the project by paying the remaining 50% of the payment and receive the completed project including all associated files and own the full copyright or cancel the project and receive a refund of their initial payment.

If the customer chooses to make any changes to the service provided or indicates that they would like to complete the project after receiving their initial delivery their 50% payment will NOT be refundable. This refund guarantee is only available if the customer is not satisfied with the initial delivery and would like to cancel the project.

Refunds for Upgraded or Premium Services

In the case that a customer requests an upgrade for their service such as the additional of vocals or the acquisition of any asset that comes at an extra expense that cannot be recouped by Producr, this amount will not be refunded. This cost will be clearly indicated in the billing information separately to the original cost of the Producr service and labelled accordingly as an “Upgraded” or “Premium” service.

The original cost of the production will be refundable under the policy set out in the “Money-Back Guarantee”.

Refunds for Incomplete Work

In the extremely rare case that payment has been made and a project has commenced but Producr is not able to complete the service, a full refund will be available. Producr reserves the right to a reasonable amount of time before this cancellation can be made and the period between revisions on the work done may be no less than two weeks before this refund will be available to you.

Our customer service team will be available Monday-Friday and also on weekends to respond to emails and keep you up to date with all projects.

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