Seller FAQ

Do I need to provide the artwork for the track?

No, all artwork is created by Producr.  We will pick artwork we feel is most suitable for the production.  The artwork will not be sold with the production and is only for promotional purposes.

Can I use samples packs, loops and sound libraries?

Samples can be used as long as they are used in reasonable manner.  This means that if they are used in a creative and unique way then the tracks will be eligible. Do not use entire percussion lines, melodies or construction kits. If the sounds are used in a way that is obvious and easily recognisable manner, they will not be accepted.

How is the price decided for my track?

Prices for tracks will be decided by Producr.  The reason we do this is to ensure the highest likelihood of a sale at the best possible price.  We use our previous sales data and price the track accordingly.  The minimum price for full price tracks is $300 and for on sale tracks is $200.

Can I remove my track from the website?

Yes, all you need to do is send a message to use via our live chat or our support team via and we will remove a track for you.  Please note that if you repeatedly remove tracks we may reconsider accepting your submissions in the future.

How will I receive my earnings?

All money earned on the platform will be sent to you within 7-14 days of the confirmed purchase. Payments will be transferred via PayPal. An active PayPal account is required to receive payments.

How do I upload my tracks for sale?

You can upload your music here using on our track submission page.

After uploading your track our team will listen to it and take into account the quality, genre, style and how suitable we feel it may be for the Producr platform.

What happens after I upload my track?

Once submitted, your track will be listened to by our approval team.  If accepted, we will contact you and ask for the following files:

  • Full 320kbps mp3 and WAV versions of the track
  • All labelled stems for the production
  • Project files including all VST presets
  • Signed approval for copyright transfer

In some cases we do reply to tracks that have not been approved, but this is not always the case.  If you do not hear back from us within 14 days the track has most likely not been accepted.  Please don’t take this as an insult and be sure to submit new productions you think may be appropriate for Producr in the future.

Can I upload my tracks to multiple websites?

No, this is strictly forbidden.  If you have submitted your track to Producr please allow at least two weeks before attempting to submit to any other websites.  You will be banned from uploading tracks in the future and all tracks will be removed if it is found you are uploading to multiple websites.

What happens to the copyright after it is sold?

After the sale of the track all copyrights will be transferred to the purchaser.  You will not retain any rights to the track.

Are there any confidentially requirements?

Yes, you agree to all confidentially agreements found in our terms of service.  Sellers may not make any references or claims to sold tracks and are no longer associated with the material.