Track Submissions


Top submit a track to sell on, please use the form below.  Make sure to read the submission requirements closely as we will not consider submission that do not meet the requirements. For more information about selling tracks on please read our seller frequently asked questions.  Please ensure you are also familiar with our Terms of Service.  We thank you for your time submitting a track and listen to all submissions, but we cannot guarantee a response.



  • All submissions must be the FULL track in mp3 format exported at 320kbps
  • Track must NOT be be publicly posted or for sale on any other platforms
  • Do NOT include project or stem files in your submission
  • Only use ONE of the submission methods below
  • Do not submit tracks with any copyrighted material (vocals, samples, etc.)
Only share private links from Dropbox, SoundCloud or YouTube. Tracks that have already been posted publicly will not be accepted.
By submitting a production/s, you acknowledge the following:

• You are the legal owner and copyright holder of the production/s

• These production/s have not been submitted to any other platforms, have not been previously sold and are not available for purchase on any other website or by any other means, electronically or physically

• All music content is original and does not breach any copyright laws

• All samples usage has been done in a constructive and original manner which does not breach any rules or contractual regulations established by the sample owner

• If the production/s are accepted by Producr, you agree to cancel any other submission processes and that the production will not be available on any other platforms

• You can supply Producr with all files associated with the production on request, such as: project file, mp3, WAV, stem tracks (labelled), etc.

• In the case that your production/s are sold, all legal rights including copyright and ownership are transferred to the individual that purchases the production/s

• You agree to keep all information regarding the submissions and sales of all production/s on Producr completely confidential as outlined in our Terms of Service

Any breach of these requirements and any legal issues that arise due to illegal practices by the Seller will be the sole responsibility of the Seller

Producr reserves the right to remove tracks from our platform at any time and to remove Sellers from our platform if it is found that they are breaching any of our terms of service and usage agreements. If a track has been sold and it is found that the sale was illegal for any reason, we will exercise our right pursue legal action under Australian law.

Producr will not be held liable for Sellers working in bad faith and who are breaching our rules. We will assist any customers who have been the victim of any fraudulent behaviour on our platform.