What Are The Benefits of Being a Ghost Producer?

Ghost Production SEtup

There are a wide range of benefits of being a ghost producer. This includes complete independence, no requirement for record labels, managers, booking agents, social media presence, etc. It also means you do not need to worry about all of the legal implications of negotiating writing credit splits which we go into more detail about here.

Let’s get into the real benefits

I think that it’s important to address that as with all professions and careers, one of the primary motivations to working in ghost production is to earn money. If people refer to that as ‘selling out’, then that’s their prerogative. Regardless of how people want to define it, we think the main benefit of being a ghost producer is the ability to earn a living and support yourself financially as a music creator. There are many different elements involved in gaining commercial success as an artist. These are complex and involve many different stakeholders.

Being a ghost producer means the following is possible:

  • No need to find and pay a music manager
  • No record label negotiations and changes
  • Control over the value of your music
  • Create and sell music at your own pace
  • No need for social media presence and engagement
  • No negotiating writing credit contracts
  • Paid upfront and do not need to chase international royalty payments
  • No need for branding and marketing as an entertainer
  • The ability to concentrate specifically on the music
  • Ability to work from wherever you want

There are many other benefits other than those listed here. At its core, ghost production allows people to do what they love for a living. In an age where technology and content is king, there is a huge barrier to entry when it comes to making a living with commercial success as a musician. With ghost production, we remove this barrier and let the music do the talking. In many ways, it is the purest form of working as a music creator. You are judged solely on the quality of your music without the impact of public perception, record label agendas, etc.

Make what you want, when you want

As a ghost producer, you do not need to worry about the constraints of fan genre expectations and the risks of experimenting with music. Ghost producers are able to produce any genre and experiment with different sounds, sample and styles of music. Granted, not all tracks are accepting by ghost production marketplaces, but when you find yourself producing something totally new and exciting, you can take it in any direction. This enables the purest form of creativity when it comes to music production and promotes true authenticity as a music writer.

If a life of fame and notoriety is what you are looking for, then a career as a ghost producer may not be for you. From our experience working in the music industry, national and international touring, marketing campaigns, meet and greets, networking and never being at home can take its toll on artists. Ghost producing offers the ability to forgo potential hardships and get straight to the music.

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